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[Proposed Experiment]: Utility Experiment Waste Amisen April 2019

Charlotte Jones
Charlotte Jones | 9 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Utility Testing

1. Product

Waste removal service focused on gamification; as waste is reduced the price for the waste removal is decreased by a certain percentage. 

2. Time Box

2 Weeks

3. Success Metric Spotlight

Metric: number of houses that are willing to reduce their week-week waste. 10 houses will be tested.

Green Light/Proceed: Proceed to Scaling phase

Success Point: 60% of people told are willing to trial the product

Orange Light/Optimize:30-60% of households are willing to trial

Failure Point: < 30% willing to trial product.

4. Failure Protocol

Reflect→  This test didn’t work because not enough villagers saw value/understood that they would pay a lower price if they reduced their waste on a weekly basis. We will try another village such as Vengara to test this experiment.


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Ian IaPadilla 8 months ago

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