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[Proposed Experiment] Problem/Customer Segment Amisen April 2019

Jamie Butler
Jamie Butler | 9 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**


Lean Phase: Customer Segment

Assumption: Our viable customer segment is rural community members and households, living in Zangara and Jumtha, that do not have access to a bank and are actively seeking a solution to their financial insecurity.

Time Period: 1 week

Success Metric: % of community members, that identify that they are unbanked and currently taking active steps to seek a solution



Green Light: Proceed with proposed offer testing experiment using channels to access early adopters identified in this experiment.


Success Metric: 60% of people interviewed within the same segment are currently taking action to solve the same problem insufficient access to financial resources.


Orange Light: If the outcome falls below the success metric, the experiment can be revised to narrow the customer segment


Failure Point: Our failure point will be in the case that <30% of those we engage with are not currently taking action to solve the same problem.


Red Light: Use the qualitative data collected to redefine customer segment as a result of insights from the conducted experiment and from previous research.


Experiment build:

This experiment will be qualitative and conducted through interviews. The team brainstormed all potential customer segments, and role-ized for each segment identified. The team then narrowed down the most viable customer segments to being rural community members who do not have access to a bank. The team will engage with rural community members through prescribed channels and conduct interviews - [see attached below]- that result in a clear outcome in line with the success metric. The interview designed is aimed towards empathising with the customer segment to find the pain points they feel in relation to existing financial resources and their emotions surrounding their financial security.

From these interviews, the team will determine whether the interviewees within this channel are our early adopters.


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Rose Martin 9 months ago

This assumption is not clear and isn't well written (for a better one look at offer test results). Since its a problem/customer segment experiment you need to understand what part of the assumption are you testing about the customer segment and the problem. What about the customer segment do you want to know? And what is your hypothesis of them? Same goes for the problem. Why can't people access financial services? What's your hypothesis?

From here it is not clear what you actually want from this experiment. There is lots of information in your offer test results about what you know, and what still needs to be explored. Since there is no survey attached, and since your assumption is not clear, I do not know what you are actually looking at targeting.

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