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Sales Pitch Waste Management Amisen April 2019

Charlotte Jones
Charlotte Jones | 9 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**


Claim: we can provide a cleaner waste management solution

Fact: Your children are getting respiratory diseases because of the toxic fumes released by the waste when you burn it.

Benefit: From the WMS, you will have a healthier community.

Deeper Benefit: This means that your children will not miss out on the opportunity to learn and you will not have to pay extra for healthcare services.


Claim: we can provide an affordable waste management solution for you

Fact: You have had to burn waste because you cannot afford the current waste management system.

Benefit: This means for you, that a waste management system will be available that is affordable for them.

Deeper Benefit: This really means that you can use money in other areas or leisure of your life.


Claim: we can provide a reliable waste management solution

Fact: it is frustrating when you waste is not collected

Benefit: your waste will be cleared up regularly

Deeper benefit: you will have a cleaner neighbourhood and not have to find alternative waste solutions

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