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[Proposed Experiment]: Currency Test Sanitation April 2019

Lucy Cliff
Lucy Cliff | 5 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

MVP: subscription box/ cup

Lean Phase: UVP


1.Women are willing to invest time to learn about improved sanitary practises that are comfortable and safe.


2.That these women would be willing to pay for access to improved sanitary practises that are comfortable and safe.

Time Box:  

5 days

Success Metric:

  1. Conversion from number engaged willing to invest time. Expecting to engage 76 prospects.

  2. Conversion from number of people who show up to clinic willing to pay. Expect to engage qualified prospects from 1.




Green Light- Proceed: Plan and carry out information session at clinic

Success point- 60% achieved by 44 prospects

Orange Light- Optimise: Obtain more EOIs through previous offer test and repeat to gain more attendance at information session

Failure Point- 10%

Red Light- Failure Protocol: Reassess problem and create new offer test




Green Light- Proceed: Ideate tangible, sellable solution to present to those who left a deposit

Success point- 15% conversion rate of those who show up to those give deposit

Orange Light- Optimise: Reconduct offer test and phone calls to gain more EOIs and run another information session.

Failure Point- 3%

Red Light- Failure Protocol: Reevaluate UVP, figure out the needs/values of our customer segment that we have not addressed


Experiment build:

Phase 1:

1.Call EOIs acquired from offer test and ask qualifying questions

2. Sales pitch

Claim: This product will help decrease the likelihood of developing reproductive diseases

Fact: 70% of all reproductive disease in Amisen are caused by poor menstruation hygiene

Benefit: This product will help alleviate you from the situation by providing a safe and hygienic alternative that is easily accessed.

Deeper benefit: This will establish intergenerational benefits by allowing you to inform your girls in the community about the hygienic sanitation practices. By providing younger generations with this education, they will be able to access equal opportunity within the community by not having to miss school due to menstruation.


Let me ask you a question: have you ever been worried that what you are currently using during menstruation is not good enough? Have you ever thought about how these practices and impact your health?

Can you put a price on giving access to clean menstruation products.


Every woman deserves the opportunity to have access to clean sanitary products

3. Qualifying questions: (could include)

  1. Hi, ________, we are calling you regarding your displayed interest via a medical clinic in sanitation problems faced by women here in Amison, do you have 5-10 minutes to talk?

  2. What sanitary practise do you currently use?

  3. Do you have any issues or negative effects from these?

  4. Did you know that 70% of all reproductive diseases in Amisen are caused by poor menstrual hygiene?

  5. Would you be willing to come to a free information session we are running at the clinic?

Phase 2:

1.Conduct an information session at clinic

2. Ask for a $2.00 deposit to confirm interest in our future product/service (Heroic Save: a brochure will be made if product/service doesn’t go ahead and deposit returned)

3. Collect/confirm details of those who agree to a deposit  




incertidumbre 1 month ago

Currency Test Sanitation April 2019 was a successful event. In this many woman took part and won the season. Site was a good idea about investing the money. In ladies side, they are insecure in any case which is related to money investment.

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