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[TEMPLATE] - Sales Pitch, Create Desire and Educate Amisen April 2019

Andrew Vild
Andrew Vild | 6 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Sales Pitch

Section: Create Desire (emotional reasons)

This is expensive, it’s more expensive upfront than the options you use now. The reason it’s expensive is because it’s an investment. It’s good quality.

1. Long term financial benefit – gives more money to spend on other important areas of life

Claim - This solution can save you up to MWK30,000 per year

Fact - We know that most of the villagers in Nancholi are using candles & paraffin to light their homes at night which is at a significant expense over a year.

Benefit - Greater MWK to spend on food, education, clean water and health

Deeper benefit - Better nutrition, better health, better opportunities for your kids so they can look after you in the future!

Let me ask you a question- how many candles do you purchase every week to use for lighting? “7” So at MWK120 per candle that means you are spending MWK840 per week on candles. So, over a month that equals MWK3360 and over a year that equals MWK43,000.

How often do you charge your phone? “2 times per week” How much does it cost to charge your phone? “100 per time” so in a week you are spending MWK200, over a month MWK860 and over a year MWK10,300.

Putting these costs together that equals MWK53,300 per year that you are paying to light your home and charge your phone. Would you agree with that? Is that correct? **Get agreement**

This solution, should you look after it, can last you up to 2 years before you need to replace it. So over 2 years you would be spending MWK106,000- so this solution is worth MWK106,000 to you- just this part **Get agreement**


2. Lighting improved at night- Gives them more time to perform tasks

Claim - This product will illuminate your entire home almost as well as ESCOM will without any of the cost or disruption

Fact - it uses bright LED lighting across 3 globes which can extend 5 m each to every area of your home. This light lasts for at least 6 hours per night which is more than enough time to light your home before bed.

Benefit - Instead of living in darkness you will be able to extend your day and use your night times to be productive. For example, studying, reading or playing Bao

Deeper benefit - opportunity to improve your education, knowledge so that your children particularly can do better at school and therefore in life.

Let me ask you a question: do you think your child getting better results at school is important to you? How much do you think it will be worth to your family to have your child be successful at school, in terms of earning potential? *Ask them to play with you and put a price on it**

Confirm so just this one aspect would be worth MWK100,000 for you.

3. Time saved walking to barbershop and buying candles. Time could be spent doing other things

Claim - This product can save you 2 hours a week where you would otherwise be travelling to and from the barbershop or the market. Time which could be better spend looking after your children or working. 

Fact - This solution can be charged in your garden, using power free from the sun meaning you can stay at home to work or watch your children and make sure they don’t get into trouble

Benefit - If you have two more hours every week this could be spent making more food to sell at the market, or helping your children with school work so that they get better grades

Deeper Benefit - Opportunity to spend more time working, can increase your capacity to generate income every day

Let me ask you a question. How many hours do you work in a day? And during this time you generate MWK X income? Do you agree that if you have this extra time in the day to work you can increase your daily wage by Y amount?

So just to make sure we’re on the same page, you believe this product can help you make MWK Y every week?

So can you see that over a year this product will be worth Z amount to you, just when we consider this weekly increase in productivity  


Health effects - smoke from paraffin, candles. Could burn themselves, start a fire in their home.

Safety benefits - won’t burn down the house


Claim - Charge their neighbours for charging their phones = generating extra income.

Claim -

Fact -


Deeper benefit

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