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[Proposed Experiment]: Water - DEMO Currency Test - Amisen - April 2019

Lily Partridge
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Lily Partridge | 9 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Lean Phase:  UVP

Assumption: Lower socio-economic villagers in rural areas of Amisen value health and productivity benefits of drinking clean drinking water and are willing to pay for it.

Time Period: 5 days

Success Metric:
Conversion from numbers engaged into paying customers. Expecting to engage 32 prospects.

Green Light - Proceed: Create the MVP
Success Point: 7% conversion to paying customers achieved by 3 sales. 
At a 7% conversion the business will be able to achieve financial sustainability, refer to spreadsheet attached.

Orange Light - Optimise: Change the value proposition that we are utilising in the sales presentation.

Failure Point:
3% is failure point. At this point we will not be able to sustain the business model given gross profit and the cost of the channel.

Red Light - Failure Protocol: revisit the channel to assess whether there is a cheaper or more efficient channel.

Experiment Build:
This experiment builds off “X Experiment Results” where offer testing was conducted on channel 1. Channel 1 provided EOIs (personal info) from advertisements that were placed with companies that sell large volumes of bottled water.

These persons are followed up via text and it is arranged to meet in person to present the value proposition. Once the team member is with the prospect they will follow the sales script which is to follow:
Introduction/rapport building
Qualifying questions
Build value along the following UVPs
- cost savings over alternate solutions
- productivity benefits from being healthy
- longer term health benefits from ongoing health
- peace of mind knowing that your family is going to be safer
Test close

A deposit is to be collected of $35 which is one-third of the sale price of $99, this is to be received in cash. A contract is to be agreed and signed which commits the customer to paying the remaining $64 in accordance with the payment plan.  


Currency Ladder
Provides personal information to affiliate
Responds to text with time and location
Confirms appointment
Present at appointment
Deposit for product
Installment payments via mobile money

Experiment Results:
To be determined


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