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[Adopted Experiment]: Currency Test TEMPLATE/EXAMPLE Amisen April 2019

Andrew Vild
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Lean Phase: UVP
What phase of the lean process are you in?
Eg. Customer Segment, Offer Testing/Value Proposition, MVP/Solution, Supply Chain etc

What is the assumption that you want to test?
The purpose of experimentation is to validate whether the assumption is correct or not and thus learn from this process.

Time Box:  
Over what period of time will this experiment be conducted?
Should be between 3-4 hours

Success Metric: 
What are you measuring? How many times?
When it comes to quantitative data collection ensure you refer to data collection methodologies as posted in Crowdicity

Green Light- Proceed: What is the next move given successful validation?
Success point- What % of positive outcomes is considered successful validation? Why?

Orange Light- Optimise: What iterative approach can be conducted? Potential ‘next move’ or variation on this experiment?

Red Light- Failure Protocol: What is the next move given that you have successfully validated a hypothesis in this instance?
Failure Point- What % of negative outcomes is considered failure? Why?

Experiment build:
What kind of experiment will you use [Qualitative vs Quantitative]? What method?
The experimental build can be laid out procedurally or simply described in detail.





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