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[Experiment Results]: Offer Test Energy Amisen April 2019

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Reference to Experiment Post: Offer Test Energy Amisen April 2019.

This experiment focused on validating whether individuals are currently unhappy with their reliability or cost of electricity. If at all.


Experiment post:

Lean Phase: Customer Segment & Problem

Assumption: Locals are unhappy with their current energy solutions when it comes to cost and reliability (thrown out "cleaner and greener").


Channel 1: Households with no visible power lines connected

38 households were visited

29 of the people engaged in the survey and 26 finished the survey.

Of the 26 that finished the survey, ZERO showed interest in a cleaner and greener solution, however, 24 were interested in a cheaper or more reliable source of power and agreed with the statement of feeling frustrated at the limited options available. 16 agreed to pass on their details for further information.

A green light has been achieved with 62%. This success rate exceeds the success metric of 20%.

Channel 2: University Posters - posters were posted at the local university.

2 responses were collected. Very little interest was garnered with respect to cleaner and greener energy.

The framing of the value proposition will need to be changed significantly or the customer segment and their decision making power when it comes to energy.

Channel 3: Village Chiefs - Jumtha, Vengara, Keisala

3 Village Chiefs were engaged with high interest from Jumtha, moderate interest from Vengala another and zero interest from Keisala.

The highly interested chief said he was interested in improving the quality of life of his community and offered to create opportunities for community meetings of interested people. The Vengara Chief gave his contact details for a follow-up conversation at a later date.

A green light has been achieved with 66%. This success rate exceeds the success metric of 20%.

Validated Learning:

Results confirm that Jumtha and Vengara are our customer segment. They also defined that the main value proposition is not cleaner and greener energy, but rather more affordable and reliable energy sources.

Next Move:

The next experiment to be conducted is a currency test

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