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[Experiment Results]: Offer Testing Waste Amisen April 2019

Andrew Vild
Andrew Vild | 9 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Reference Experiment Post: [Proposed Experiment]: Offer Test Waste Amisen April 2019

This experiment focused on validating if existing waste management solutions and systems are inconsistent and/or expensive.

Experiment post:

Lean Phase: Problem/Customer Segment

Assumption: Villagers are seeking more consistent and efficient waste solutions


25 face to face conducted, 18 positive

3 schools of 40 students (reach 120) were contacted, 13 positive responses

Messages were posted in various Facebook Groups, Reach of 400 people, 34 people responded positively to FB ads

38 households were visited with 28 answering the door and 25 people finishing the questionnaire. 

Over the week, we were able to access 3 schools with an average of 40 students/school that agreed to give students pamphlets to take back to their house. 13 responses came back from parents of students with an interest in waste solutions (this is an unreliable channel because students may have lost the slips for interest).

Similarly, semi-targeted Facebook channel, with a reach of 400 people yielded 34 positive responses and asked follow up questions.

A green light has been achieved, with an average positive response of 11%. This success rate is high when the social media conversion is taken into account. 

Validated Learning:

Results confirm that there is strong interest within the villages, particularly the high and middle affluence villages that can afford to pay for the service and value the tourism industry.

Keisala, a seemingly affluent village, most spend $15 for basic rubbish collection

Vengara - middle - a few spend $3 for poor rubbish collection

Jumtha - poor - not interested in recycling or waste management due to no understanding of the point or non-expendable income.

Next Move:

Continue with currency testing experiment. 

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