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[Proposed Experiment]: Offer Test Sanitation April 2019

Lucy Cliff
Lucy Cliff | 6 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Lean Phase: Channel Testing/ Offer Testing etc. 


Females in Amisen are worried about their female hygiene and want to learn about their options

Time Box:

 5 days or weeks

Success Metric

Achieve 30 EOI’s with a conversion rate of 30%

EOI’s will be measured from name and contact details


Green Light- Develop the UVP

Success Point – 30% conversion rate

Orange Light – Re-evaluate the channels customer segment

Failure Point – 5%

Red Light – Redefine the problem

Channel 1: Medical centre


1. are you worried about your female hygiene? Learn your options?

CTA: If interested please provide your contact details to the medical centre


  1. Get nurse at local medical to pitch our PCM
  2. If interested collected contact details

Channel 2: Community/Villiage


1. are you uncomfortable about your female hygiene ? Access alternate options

CTA:  If interested please provide your contact details


  1. Go to villages and survey

Channel 3:  schools


  1. Feeling embarrassed about female hygiene ? you are not alone

CTA: Give your details to your teacher


  1. Inform school/ teacher
  2. Gather data



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Wade Tink 6 months ago

Edits needed:
- You must identify and explain 3 different channels, you currently have 1.
- The experiment is to complex and inefficient. Utilise the nurse to conduct the ‘Offer test’ rather than trekkers by providing a pamphlet or small training to the nurse to connect with them over the problem and ‘offer’ them a potential solution through the nominated call-to-action.
- Explain what the PCM is- the actual statement….
- Explain what the CTA is- the actual statement…
- Also explain what the conversion is. I suggest it is the customers personal information (Name, Mobile number). This is how you will know quantifiably if you have hit the success metric.
- Explain your success metrics and why they are there

your success metric may be too high. I doubt you need 60% conversion to make a viable business model at a 50% margin.

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Wade Tink 6 months ago

Further improvement…
- in success metrics define your reach clearly. I can work back to understand that you are seeking to reach an audience of 100 however it’s not clear as to what the break-up of that reach will be or…
- how the particular channel will be tested in detail. Particularly in channel 3 you need to go further into your explanation around how schools will be delivered the offer test so someone else who read the post could take it and execute.
- explain why the metrics are important. What is it going to mean for your business model? Are some channels more efficient than others?

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Wade Tink 6 months ago

Status label added: Experiment adopted

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