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[Proposed Experiment] Offer Test Energy Amisen April 2019

Emma Snow
Emma Snow | 8 months ago | in ROA **TRAINING**

Lean Phase: Offer Testing


Locals are unhappy with current energy solutions, in terms of cost and reliability.


Time Box

2 days


Channel 1 - 26 people

Channel 2 - 50 people

Channel 3 - 5 chiefs

Success Metric: Those who are interested in accessing cheaper and more reliable energy

Success point: 20% of people who want cheaper and more reliable energy

Conversion: 6 people

Proceed: Ideate solutions and currency test

Orange Light: Between 5-20% 

Optimise: Evaluate customer segment and/or target a new customer segment OR Use a different channel 

Failure Point: >5% of people who want a solution

Conversion: 1


Experiment Build

Channel 1: Households with no visible power lines connected

PCM: Frustrated about your unreliable power? Access more reliable energy today

CTA: SMS us on (number) for a free consultation

Method: Conduct  door-to-door interviews and gather expressions of interest


Channel 2: University Posters

PCM: Staying late at university studying? Save time and study at home. 

CTA: Text number (on Poster) to learn how.

Method: Place 20 posters around University


Channel 3: Village Chiefs

PCM: Is your village morale low? Turn on the power today

CTA: Call (this number) to uplift your community 

Method: Get in contact with Village Chief through a meeting 





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Fiona Aaron 8 months ago

Some feedback:
1) Need 3 offer tests - each with a PCM, CTA, timing and success metrics
2) PCM needs to follow this format - Anxious about your family’s health? Educate yourself today
3) CTA needs to incite actions - e.g. send an sms to this number now
4) Re success metric you need to be clearer about what 'wanting a solution is' for e.g. 20% of people confirm or deny the specific problem assumption you listed.

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Andrew Vild 8 months ago


This is not good to go. The corresponding experiment results is based off a theoretically edited proposed experiment.

To start, read "Those who are interested in cleaner, greener energy solutions, which is will respond to the feelings of frustration invoked by our Offer test." out loud.

Also consider value proposition. Are low SES populations interested in cleaner and greener or survival and better quality of life (through low cost and reliable energy sources that MAY also be clean and green!)

Channel cannot be "face-to-face". CTA needs to be more than "email or call us". What are you giving them that will ENCOURAGE a CALL to action? A flier, sms, a free consultation etc?

I would advise looking at other teams posts and editing this one to reflect that quality as practice for the coming days.

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Andrew Vild 8 months ago

CTA is also still wrong.

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