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[Project Summary]: FarmEd Fiji February 2019

Josh Blaymires
Josh Blaymires | 10 months ago | in FarmEd - Fiji

FarmEd has explored supply chain management, face to face consulting, drone consulting and agricultural expertise workshops. While there is value in the above products, due to scalability reasons FarmEd now aims to focus on the development of an application. The application, called Govi Nena, provides farmers with tailored agricultural advice.

Over February 2019, FarmEd I focused on face to face surveys with farmers to gather feedback about Govi Nena and understanding on pH and soil sensors. Data was gathered on Android versions that can download the Govi Nena application, as well as collecting MoUs/EOIs for future purchases of the application.

FarmEd II has focused on developing strategic partnerships with businesses, organisations, and middlemen to establish channels for distribution. A Facebook page has been established as a future channel for spreading awareness and distribution.


FarmEd I - Business to Consumer

FarmEd I surveyed farmers in villages around Sigatoka Valley. The villages were initially those that had been visited previously which had signed MOUs. The aim of these visits was to distribute Govi Nena however, the application was unable to be distributed on certain Android versions.

As a result, FarmEd I focused on visiting new villages and some villages that had previously been visited by the December FarmEd team. We pitched the Govi Nena application as well as soil sensors. In addition to this, the February FarmEd I team has gathered data regarding which versions of Android are able to download the application and gathered feedback from surveys about any improvements or recommendations that farmers thought needed to be added to the application in the future.


FarmEd II - Business to Business

FarmEd II worked on scaling the application by focusing on developing relationships with resorts, middlemen, Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s) and universities. Rapport was built with the intention to promote distribution of the application or facilitate our access to their networks of farmer. Of these, hotels with strong Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and middlemen with strong relationships with their farmers expressed the greatest interest in partnerships. The February team designed an internship program with the Fiji National University (FNU) that will operate while PEV is out of country (starting in July), established a collaborative relationship with a Radisson Blu Resorts on an agricultural initiative,  and set-up a partnership with a middleman to distribute and raise awareness of the app. Furthermore, a Facebook page was explored to assess the viability of a long-term online channel.


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