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[PROPOSED UVP]: Health Malawi - February 2019

Isaac Crawford
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Isaac Crawford | 4 months ago | in Health Consulting - Malawi


The unique value proposition for head clinicians is to improve quality of consultation time with patients; whether this be increasing the length of consultation or allow for more pertinent interactions with patients. The triage system achieves this through providing clinicians with information regarding patients’ symptoms prior to consultation as well as ordering patients in terms of priority. Consequently, clinicians will be able to utilise their consultation time more effectively and gain satisfaction from providing patients with the care they need and deserve.


The effectiveness of treatment patients receive is proportional to the quality of time they spend with clinicians. As such, through employing the triage system, patients re-visiting clinics for the same symptoms will become a less frequent phenomenon. In addition, through experiencing the triage system, patients are also likely to gain awareness and understanding of the severity of their symptoms; this will help to increase health literacy and reduces the frequency of unnecessary visits. Therefore, in the long term, the proposed triage system will ameliorate congestion problems clinics currently face.


District Health Office (DHO)

The DHO plays an important role in managing the information flow of patient data. The current health data processing cycle in Malawi takes a lengthy period of four weeks and involves several redundant steps which increase the likelihood of information loss. This problem is particularly detrimental during disease outbreaks as delayed identification and feedback entail a less effective response, inevitably leading to greater casualties. The triage system will overcome this problem as patient symptom data will be directly entered onto the digital system and automatically transferred to and stored in the two main Malawian health databases, the district focused DHIS2 system and the national HMIS system.

Please refer to the Proposed Solution post which further details how the USSD triage system will link into the Malawian DHIS2 & HMIS databases:

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