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[Proposed Key Partners]: Health Malawi - Feb 19

The Health teams stakeholders are categorised into three main groups; the research team, the District Health Office (DHO), and Clinicians.

Research Team


The research team is comprised of five main individuals. The first key member of the team is Dr Mulinda Nyirenda, the Senior Physician in collaboration with Project Everest. She works for the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre, Malawi. The research study requires a senior physician to assist, and Mulinda has been a huge asset for the health team with her continued advice and recommendations, so our relationship is vital for continued success. Dr Marriott Nilwasa, a research fellow working at the College of Medicine, is another one of our important research team members. All processes regarding data management for the research protocol should be run by Dr. Marriott as he has consulted us heavily in this area. Dr Rajhab is a lecturer/researcher at the College of Medicine, Blantyre as well as the deputy of the Pathology Department. He also holds a position on COMREC. He is currently listed as a collaborator on the research protocol and is integral with helping us reach key stakeholders and also helped with the Research Protocol edits that have to be made. Dr Benjamin Kumwenda is the Head of Bioinformatics at COM, he is a crucial asset when it comes to all decisions to do with technology and statistics. Dr Tonney Nyirenda is the Head of the Pathology Department and is an additional Co-Collaborator on the research protocol.




The DHO is a crucial partner as they are the core customer for any sales of the USSD triage system. This is explained further in this Crowdicity post:

Our main stakeholders for the DHO are Dr. Gift Kawalazira, the head of the institution, and data staff at the DHO. Dr Gift has provided us with approval to test in registered clinics throughout the Blantyre district and also access to data to enable project development. He put us in contact with the staff at DHO who are overseeing/running the DHIS2 system, gave us access to the data they are currently working with. Dr Gift (as the Head of the DHO) is the ultimate customer for the project, and all teams should have a major aim of fostering this relationship. He has also given us contact details for data staff at the DHO, through which we will conduct offer and currency testing, as they are one of our customer segments.




Our third stakeholder category is clinicians from various health centres. This is a crucial category as it will be to these clinics that we formalise intent and support for the proposed USSD system. The first important partner is Suzike from Gateway Clinic. Gateway clinic is the core clinic operate by the DHO and will be a location where the Research Protocol is operated. It is important to maintain a close relationship with Gateway as they in particular work very closely with the DHO.


The next is Chimwemwe Kamuyango from Zingwangwa Clinic, as this clinic is where the research protocol pilot will be conducted. This is the first site for running the research protocol. Zingwangwa clinic has been very supportive of the project over a lengthy period of time and is a clinic where an MVP of the product can potentially be operated in.


Gilbertha Chisamba from South Lunzu Health Centre was initially contacted through offer testing. South Lunzu is an important clinic for maintaining contact, as Gilbertha particularly is very interested in our work and would be a great clinic to implement the finalised technology. She is very excited to implement the service once ready.


Lastly, Elizabeth Chalowa, the head clinician from Kadidi Clinic was first contacted through offer testing in January 2019. This is a key partnership as she has shown genuine and passionate interest in adopting the USSD as soon as it is ready for use.


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