[JUL 19] [REPURPOSE] Outsourcing Options: Glass

The Repurpose team in February 2019 conducted an experiment to find an outsourcing solution for our collected glass bottles. The results of this experiment have been posted here. From our investigation, we were unable to find a financially viable end-use for the glass bottles currently stored in the warehouse. Extensive research was conducted into establishing a crushing facility; the cost of establishing a local glass cullet processing plant was analysed and the capital cost involved deemed too great for the current stage of the business. In addition, Botir Matak were contacted to enquire about a more regular, paid collection service of glass bottles from our warehouse. Unfortunately, the company were not willing to enter into a paid agreement. Finally, a meeting with Heineken Brewery in Dili was organised to discuss the potential of outsourcing glass to them for recycling. Heineken instead are heavily focussed on plastics recycling, and this avenue is a more viable outsourcing option for plastic bottles.


With outsourcing options for plastic and paper/cardboard underway, the focus needs to move towards determining a solution for glass.


Lean Phase: Solution, Customer segment



There is a want/need for collected glass within Dili/surrounding areas.


Time Box: 2 Weeks


Success Metric:


Number of solutions for glass researched thoroughly and financially analysed.


Green Light - Proceed

  • A minimum of 2 solutions researched, deemed financially viable and sustainable.

Success point:

  • Prototype ideated

Orange Light - Optimise

  • Potentially not enough information obtained to conclude there is a minimum of 2 financially viable solutions. Overcome blocks preventing further research.

Failure Point:

  • Not enough information collected or no solutions found

Red Light -

  • Explore NEW outsourcing options for glass.


Experiment Build:

  1. Collate existing research on glass repurposing/exportation/outsourcing.
  2. Research new ways to use our collected glass or outsource locally.
  3. Determine a minimum of 2 feasible solutions to pursue
  4. Obtain contacts within Dili/surrounding areas to determine whether there is a want or need for the solution.
  5. Financially analyse the solutions to determine if they are viable
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