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[Proposed Experiment] ERS Timor-Leste Use of Repurposed and Reusable Items Currently Sold in Dili July 2019

In February, much of the focus of ERS Repurpose has involved research into financially viable, local outsourcing options for glass and paper/cardboard in Dili. Thus far, we have been unable to find a local company to accept these materials, in addition, the capital cost involved to produce our own viable solution in large quantities would be too great.

This experiment aims to gain a consumer understanding of the market for reusable products made from recycled materials in Dili. From this, we will utilise the information gained to determine either local outsourcing markets for our recyclable materials or products that are viable for further research. It must be stressed that like in February 2019, this experiment is not of primary focus.


This experiment has been unofficially started from personal knowledge collected throughout February. The results have been summarised in the following spreadsheet:

Offer test experiment results for the paper bag alternative highlight businesses that are environmentally conscious and would make good candidates for the continuation of this experiment.  


Lean Phase: Customer Segments



  1. There are repurposed or reusable items currently sold and in used in Dili, Timor-Leste.  These include items such as KeepCups, reusable straws, paper bags/casava bags and recycled paper.


Time Box: 1 week


Success Metric:


  1. How many businesses in Dili utilise recyclable materials eg. KeepCups, reusable straws, paper bags/casava bags, recycled paper.

  2. If people understand the importance of reusable/recyclable materials.


Green Light - Proceed

  • All companies approached use repurposed and reusable materials where possible.

Success point:

  • 70% of hospitality companies use at least one reusable/eco alternative material in their business. This could also extend to supporting others to use reusable items (e.g. $0.50 discount for using a KeepCup).

Orange Light - Optimise

  • Contact more companies that do not specifically advertise their sustainable practices.

Failure Point:

  • All potential business use no reusable items

Red Light - Failure Protocol

  • Reevaluate the products we wish to research and produce with paper/cardboard and glass.


Experiment Build:

  1. Research businesses in Dili through both face-to-face and online engagement who are eco-friendly and align with the environmentally conscious values of ERS, to work towards a cleaner environment in Dili.

  2. Establish contact with these businesses to arrange a meeting.

  3. Investigate if the companies use reusable and recyclable products and also inquire into their waste management systems. This data can then be passed onto the Collection team for possible leads.

  4. Collate data.

  5. Use collected information to research and ideate possible solutions that correlate between the concluded demand of a possible product and our recyclable materials.

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