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[FEB 19] [REPURPOSE] Offer Test Experiment Results - Recycled Paper Grocery Bag Alternative

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Lean Phase: Offer Testing




The purpose of this experiment was to gauge businesses interest in an alternative product to single use plastic bags.




  1. Test that businesses will support the use of a recycled paper alternative to plastic bags.

  2. We assumed that all business would be willing to use recycled paper over plastic if the price is the same and the quality of the product is high.




We interviewed 5 businesses in Dili and the surrounding area, 2 were supermarkets (Kmanek and Centro) 2 were cafes (Agora Food studio and Letefoho) and one was a restaurant (Rolls ‘n’ Bowls). Of the businesses 1 (Letefoho Coffee) was already using paper bags, 2 (Centro and Rolls ‘n’ bowls) were using plastic, one (Kmanek) used cassava bags and one (Agora Food Studio) rarely used bags and sold reusable cloth bags.

Figure 1. Results from offer testing interview conducted by Harvey Petersen and Abbey Dyson on the 20th of February 2019. The vertical axis indicates conclusions that were drawn from the questionnaire, and the legend dictates the colour used to represent potential stakeholders.


Validated Learning:


[Green Light]

Our success point stated that 50% need to be interested in using recycled paper bags. This was achieved; though 3 of 5 businesses stated their interest in using paper bags (Letefoho Coffee were already using paper bags).


Excluding the business already using paper bags (Letefoho Coffee) and the place that didn't use bags (Agora Food Studio), 2 of 3 (66.67%) said they would be interested in using paper bags as an alternative.


Key Points:


It was found that all of the interviewed businesses support a recycled paper bag replacement for plastic.

Not all businesses were able to confirm their interest in our new product without managerial approval, however it was well speculated that need for a sturdy, cheap and plastic free alternative has been sought after.

Further investigation is required, however, the overall result was positive. It is clear that without a more formal interview process, a conclusive answer to the validated learning cannot be achieved. It is recommended to take an expression of interest form to companies and ask them to sign if they are interested, this will provide a more formal understanding if business are interested.


Next Move:  


The experiment was given the green light. Further actions are to obtain signatures as expressions of interest from local businesses.

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