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[Project Summary]: Social Consulting and Micro-finance Malawi February 2019

The February Social Consulting team focused on developing a better understanding of our customer base. through gaining a better understanding of our customers, and their interaction with us as a business, we gain insight into what we can do to improve our service to them. This is all in the aim of reducing the  high default rate we are currently experiencing with our payment plan loans.

To do this, we focused on interviews with our customers to understand why they are defaulting, and not making payments as they agreed to. 

We also want to develop a system of profiling our customers, that in the future will serve as a credit test for prospective customers. Our desired outcome would be a multi-factor variance (regression) model, however we recognise we will need a very large sample size for this. Moving forward from this, we have established a USSD based system which will hopefully allow us to collect information from our customers in a much more time-effective way. 


The output for our month has been our findings around our customers and improvements we need to make around our service from their perspective. 

Payment Plans:

Further information: 

Proposed Experiments:


Collecting customer information:

Further information:

Proposed Experiments:

Point of sale collection of relevant data to use towards building profiles. 


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