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[Project Summary]: Fuel Timor-Leste February 2019

The Sustainable Fuel project in Timor-Leste has now been running for four months and in that time has made significant and rapid progress. The February team has spent most of the month focussing on securing a long-term manufacturer, further price testing within the Hera and Dili regions, beginning the process of making sales and looking into viable distribution channels. As a result of our hard work, the project is in a strong position for future teams to take the project to the next stage.

Our first two weeks were focused on securing a prototype from Sidonio, a local manufacturer in Dili. Further price testing was also conducted in suburban Dili. We also focused on creating a Facebook page for the Seguru Stove and the production of informative brochures and business cards. Alongside this, we investigated potential supply chains for our stove addressing transport, retail and education. By the end of the second week we received our first prototype from Sidonio, ready for testing. Additionally, we found a promising potential partnership with D&N Movers, an accredited transporting service running in Dili. Further testing of the stove was conducted for usability and a Specification Sheet was made.

In the final two weeks of the project, we requested for a second prototype by Sidonio to be made, following the useability testing with a few minor adjustments accounted for. We also ventured out to families previously visited by fuel to present the stove and conduct useability testing with them alongside making sales through collecting deposits. We also travelled to Hera and conducted usability testing there and found interest in the product, however the price of the stove was too great but would consider with a payment plan.

Alongside this, we received a quote from Cornelio from D&N Movers stating $5 USD for each stove delivery.  We have formed a great relationship with Vinod Patel who will be running a promotion of the Seguru Stove 1.1 in store over the months PEV is inactive. We have begun development on a chatbot to use on Facebook to automate that ordering process when we are not in country. In addition to this, the February team looked into the possibility of setting up a store at the Taibesi markets. This was found to be non-viable option as the administration office rejected our request for permission. 

It is the responsibility of the July team to follow up on any EOI that have come through over Facebook or deposits made in either of Vinod Patel’s stores. The July team will also need to continue manufacturing the Seguru Stove by signing an agreement with our long-term manufacturer and continue with the process of making sales. Additionally, they will need to investigate viable payment methods that can be easily managed when PE ventures are not in country.

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