Proposed Experiment

[Proposed Experiment]: Fuel I Timor-Leste July 2019 - Bank Deposits

Lean Phase:

Channels and Revenue Streams.


That customers are able to pay for the stove at a bank using invoices.

Time Box: 

July project. To be determined by July Team.

Success Metric:


% of paying customers who are able to pay for the stove through a bank. 

Green Light:

Establish long term online ordering system and determine, how stoves will be distributed after they are purchased online.

Conduct payment plans experiment, to determine its viability. See experiment here:

Success point:

If at least 70% of Customers are able to pay at a bank for the stove.  

Orange Light:

Empathise with customers to determine their preferences or issues with the payment method.

Engage with the banks to determine what could be improved to increase success of the payment method and remove blocks.

Investigate if the payment method needs improvement and any blocks in the method.

Failure Point :

Less that 30% of paying customers are able to use this method.

Red Light:

Refocus on other payment methods.

Refocus Facebook page away from sales and more on awareness of the stove and project.

Look at cash payment upon collection or on delivery as alternatives.

Potentially proceed to payment plan experiment, but with a different method of payment. See experiment here:


Experiment build

  1. Establish that the PEV bank in Timor-Leste is able to process invoice payments, such that customers are able to pay into the account with cash. If not, look into setting up the required account.

  2. Set up an invoicing system capable of producing invoices for the total amount of the stove for customers placing an order (both through face to face sales and online orders)

  3. When making a sale initially state that payment is only through a deposit at a bank with an invoice which will be provided to them.

  4. If customers are unable to complete payment at a bank, offer them an alternative payment option as we do not not wish to alienate any potential customers.

  5. Record the selected payment method for each customer, and ask why this method was preferred.

  6. Complete the sale with the customer by their chosen method and gain feedback on the process once complete

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