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[Proposed Experiment]: Solar Malawi Feb 19 - Central Blantyre/Nancholi Region, Training Independent Agent Channel Testing

[Proposed Experiment]: Solar Malawi Feb 19 - Central Blantyre/Nancholi Region, Training Independent Agent Channel Testing

 Lean Phase: Channel Testing



 Trained agents can operate independently and sustain the operations and door to door sales of the solar product.


Time Box:

 3 weeks


Success Metric

 Sales conversion rate.



 Green Light- Start door to door stalls run by the agents regularly and validate if the door to door method is effective.

 Success Point – 6% sales conversion rate. Due to this being the beginning stage, the amount of people reached might be limited. This is due to the proximity of the villages and uncertainty of our customer segment.   

Orange Light – Re-evaluate the operational hours and procedures, as well as the sales pitch and methods used to contact EOIs.

 Failure Point – 2% sales conversion rate.

 Red Light – Determine another area to go door to door and investigate new channels for Nancholi.


 Experiment Build:

  1. Identify areas within Nancholi/Central Blantyre where villages aren’t connected to ESCOM and are close in proximity.
  2. Once these areas have been identified, select previously trained and validated through previous experiments.
  3. Ensure that the agents cover all aspects of the steps of sales. Firstly, building rapport and empathising with customers. The better we know our user’s needs, the more accurately value can be built. This highlights that this method is also essential for understanding customer needs. This results to creating desire and a need for the product to betterment and leading to a sale. All agents should be familiar with this process, more information can be found here:


  1. Develop a schedule for the agents for door to door operation to ensure agents know exactly where they are going and to inform potential customers when they will return. As this is a trial to test effective channels, the schedule can be based on the agents and future teams.
  2. For all information on payments for the product follow the Payments SOP. At the moment, there is two payment options, upfront at 28,000 MWK or a payment plan with a 7,200 MWK (weekly or monthly repayments). 




  6 . Record interest with name, phone number and any additional relevant information


   7.   Create and input data into a spreadsheet. Exactly the same as the ‘Blantyre Market Stall Data and Results’ for each village visited.Text all interested customers (EOI’s) when we will be in that village next or any relevant information (most likely do this the night before). Text in the morning as well if agents will not be able to go out due to wet weather.



8. Input EOI and/or Sales information into ‘CRM Master 02’ document:


Note: To measure the conversion rate between various stages along the sales pipeline, as well as an overall sales conversion, the following information will be recorded into a new spreadsheet:

  1. The total number of people interacted with excluding children and homeless (rough estimate).
  2. The number of people who actively ask questions and/or write their name and number (EOI’s).
  3. The number of people who say they will pay.
  4. The number of people who pay (Sales), split into three groups:


  • Immediate upfront payment
  • Payment Plans 
  • People returning to buy product after they had to get money, etc






















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