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[KEY PARTNER]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS - February 2019


The Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS (DON) was established in 2004 to recognise problems faced by the people of Malawi associated with nutrition and widespread diseases. One of their main tools they utilise is their nutrition information system which is a data management tool inclusive of all districts to provide near real time information on nutrition interventions to stunting reduction. The main goal of this is to provide aid on a widespread scale. The Hidden Hunger project aligns with the Department of Nutrition’s goals as both aim to improve food security and general well-being.



The Hidden Hunger team has currency tested both Rab Processors and GOAL Malawi in February 2019. Both businesses emphasised the importance of contacting the Department of Nutrition to further the project which will be addressed further in the post. This correlates with businesses that both December and January team offer tested including Story Workshop and Project Peanut Butter who suggested PEV should contact the DON.

The December 2018 Hidden Hunger team attempted to reach out to the DON via email however the only link on the website is to the Lilongwe office and received no response. However, the February 2019 team received a contact in Blantyre via Rab Processors; again haven’t received a response.  


Importance to the Project

The Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDs should be considered as a key partner moving forward in the Hidden Hunger project as: 

  • A partnership between PEV and the DON means that the USTAWI application can be approved such that organisations are able to use the app in conjunction with their projects. Without the Department of Nutrition’s approval, businesses are unable to collaborate with PEV to use the app due to legality issues.

  • They are able to provide information and statistics on the types of foods in Malawi taking into account seasonality and the corresponding price fluctuations. This would be an important feature of the application which would relate to our second problem statement on lack of finances to nutritious foods. Information on food in Malawi would also aid conducting the proposed utility test on analysis of accessibility to food available on crowdicity:


GOAL Malawi suggested that for the Department of Nutrition to approve the application for use by other organisations their needs to be validation that the application is functioning correctly. Therefore the Hidden Hunger team would need to have conclusive evidence that certifies the app works and how it impacts community behaviours. Similarly, in the meeting with Rab Processors, they discussed a future collaboration however this requires the department of nutrition to validate what the hidden hunger team has done over the course of the previous 3 months.


Future Actions & Goals

  1. The July Hidden Hunger team should make it a priority to contact a representative of the Department of Nutrition. If PEV is able to engage with DON early on, it will make the launch of application more straightforward.


  1. Future teams should aim to develop the relationship between PEV and the DON as this is an important partner to ensure the project continues on track to attaining our moonshot goal of increasing economic empowerment and food security.


  1. Ideally once the DON approves the application, the Hidden Hunger team need to think long term as to what is the end product of the project.


  1. One of the possible goals of this partnership would be for PEV to get access to the Department of Nutrition’s information system which provides data and statistics of all the districts.

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