Project Everest

[Proposed Experiment]: Solar Consulting Malawi - School Meeting Experiment - February 2018


Lean Phase - Channel

Assumption - Schools are an effective way to sell the solar units

Time Period - 2 weeks


Success Metric: Conversion rate of people in attendance to sales made.




Green light - Hold school meetings in other regions

Success Point - School meetings generate equal to, or more than the number of sales in February community meetings

Orange light - Conduct feedback surveys with teachers and school leaders to determine obstacles, adjust sales pitch and repeat experiment.

Red light - Assess whether schools are a viable distribution option.

Failure Point - School community meetings generate less than 30 % of sales made in December.

Note: Success and failure points should be based on previous years but similar months due to fluctuating financial position of people in rural Blantyre.

  • People have less money/income in December January due to rainy season, School fees due and people’s inability to pay workers.

  • This makes December meetings less comparable to June/July meetings or sales


Experiment Build:

  1. Make contact with head of Nancholi Primary School through Gracie (Headmistress) or Chisomo (Contact from NAYO with good relationship with Nancholi Primary School) to organise school meeting with teachers. Here is the meeting minutes folder 

  2. Using school meeting script, pitch and demonstrate product with the aim of sales and building rapport.

  3. Conduct community meeting feedback if appropriate regarding general questions January team deem necessary.

  4. Record number of upfront and payment plan sales.

  5. Gather expressions of interest for future follow up contact.

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