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[Work Update]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - WSU Report Work Update - February 2019



The report that has been created for Western Sydney University (WSU), and written by the Hidden Hunger team. It contains the results of the customer segment and business development experiments that were conducted during the summer. WSU supplied Project Everest with an nutrition application; with which our customers conduct a survey of what they have eaten in the past 24 hours, then the Hidden Hunger team uses the results to generate a nutrition report. The update report for WSU also includes potential fixes and improvements including new functions for the application to make it more Malawi specific, while streamlining the nutrition report making process.


The report the Hidden Hunger team has written contains potential fixes and functions that would benefit the application streamlining the use and development of the application, a timeline for these fixes and functions is included inside the report. The team found 77% of the people that were spoken to were interested enough to spend MK200 (roughly 5% of their savings) to undertake the survey and for us to generate a nutrition report. The feedback received from the consumers provides valued insight into how the application can be more Malawi specific.


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