Project Everest

[Proposed Experiment] – Malawi Solar Feb 19 – USSD Distribution



Lean Phase: Feedback Channels


Assumption: There will be an increase in the amount of USSD responses when an incentive is provided by reducing the total amount of money required to pay in the payment plan.

Time period: 2 weeks

Success Metric:

The percentage of USSD responses received from the total amount of surveys sent out.



Green Light – Continue to use the incentivised method used to distribute the USSD code as a successful method of increasing responses.

Success point – From all the surveys that are sent out to customers, 40% of recipients send their feedback via the USSD survey.

Orange Light – Revise method of incentivising USSD survey to receive more responses.

Red Light – Reconsider USSD incentive methods for the future


Experiment Build:


  1. Take down phone details of each sale, specifically payment plan customers


  1. After 6 months send out text to customers with USSD code, highlighting incentives to complete the survey. How to use the USSD is stated in the SOP below.


  1. To boost completed USSD surveys possibly take a sum of money off payment plan for customers who respond to the survey (waive a couple of payments). Posted below is the CRM master where you can access how much a customer owes in the payment plan and to make alterations

  1. Take down survey results of each customer. Make a new Google doc or spreadsheet to cover all the feedback results.


  1. Assess survey results and determine any correlations

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