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[Proposed Experiment]: Malawi Solar Consulting: (FINANCE) prepayment model

Lean Phase: Channels/revenue

Assumption: Customer will respond positively to a prepayment proposal for the solar product and will be willing to trust in us or in agent to make payments without possessing the product. The success of the LayBy in the Blantyre Markets would be continued in other segments of the market. 

Time Period: 1 week (early december 2019) (3 months observation)

Criteria: % new customers on and expressing interest in a prepayment model. 

Success metric: 

Success Point: 40% of new customers are interested in a prepayment plan, and 20% of new customers subscribe to a prepayment plan. 

Green Light: Proceed to use this method in subsequent community meetings and sales. Design specifics of a customer repayment plan and build the necessary record keeping and communication framework into a CRM.

Orange Light Point: 40% of new customers are interested in a prepayment plan.

Orange Light: Follow up on feedback as to why people did not want to commit to prepayment plans. 

Failure Point: Less than 40% of new customers are willing and able to work with us to design a payment plan for themselves. 

Red Light: Disregard this avenue.


Experiment Build:

1) Establish a prepayment model; this plan should have no risk premium. (include detail on how to contact people, and arrrangememtns for when people finish their payments, and what happens when we leave country before they make full payment. Should potentially involve agents)

2) Organise a Community Meeting outside of Nancholi and without Watson. (Test in an isolated environment).

3) As well as the upfront payment pitch and the payment plan pitch in the solar presentation, build a presentation on prepayment options. Scope interest. 

4) Collect details, especially several contact details of customers who opt for the prepayment (ie village chief, brother/sister/neighbour) We need to be able to contact them. 

5) Track payments over a period of up to 3 months (december to feb). Build a seperate database to track these payments -> should be manual to start with to see necessary functionalities and test demand. 

6) If there is large uptake continue to offer this option in future sales. 


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