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[EXPERIMENT RESULTS]: Health Malawi - Offer Test Clinicians (3/3) - Phone Calls - February 19

Mel Castillo
Mel Castillo | 7 months ago | in Health Consulting - Malawi

Reference to Experiment Post:

This experiment focussed on validating if when spoken to on the phone, clinicians identified with the sentiment of feeling ‘frustrated by a lack of quality time spent with patients’.

A further objective of the calls was to establish contact with clinicians and begin to build a relationship.

Experiment post:

Lean Phase: Problem


People within our customer segment identify with the problem described as a ‘lack of quality time with patients’.


14 clinicians were called, there were originally 18 on the list however three were incorrect numbers and it was discovered that one contact was no longer working at the clinic.

12 of the clinicians answered the phone call but we only got through the script with seven of them. The remaining five asked us to call back at another time or asked to be contacted via text message, to which they never replied.

Of the seven that we spoke through the script with, all agreed with the statement of feeling frustrated by having a lack of quality time with patients and provided us with their email.

A green light has been achieved with 58% (50% if you include those where contact was not properly established) of clinicians providing their emails. This success rate exceeds the success metric of 30%.

Clinicians who gave their emails showed engagement and interest throughout the phone call and shared a sense of understanding to what we asked. They could relate to our questions of not having enough time with patients and to being frustrated by this, and a few elaborated saying that they didn’t have enough resources and were understaffed. A few of them seemed enthusiastic about a possible solution to their problems, while all we spoke to properly were very willing to give their details to find out more information.

Validated Learning:

Results confirm that Heads of Clinics are our customer segment. They also affirm the assumption that Head Clinicians do not feel as though they have enough quality time with their patients and they are frustrated by this. As clinicians agreed with this sentiment, it has also been validated that these problems have been adequately defined.

The sample size for our experiment was quite small, with only fourteen Heads of Clinics being called. This sample size may limit the amount which can be deduced from this experiment and may have an impact on the validity of results. However, as there are only 29 public health clinics in Blantyre, our sample size is a decent proportion of the population size.

Next Move: 

The next experiment to be conducted is to continue with the currency testing ladder; to validate that Heads of Clinics are willing to pay in the form of usage to address the identified problem.

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