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[EXPERIMENT RESULTS]: HEALTH MALAWI - Currency Test Clinicians 1A - February 19

Lean Phase: Unique Value Proposition



Testing customer success rate of moving through the Customer Pipeline



14 clinicians were sent the Information Pack following on from the offer testing (phone calls and text messages, seven successful responses from each).


There was only one reply to the email to organise a meeting, so the seven that were called received a text message asking if they’d received the email and if they were ready to set up a meeting. From this, we received two replies from people who were on annual leave, and three more replies from people who wanted to set up a meeting. One of these three stopped replying and no meeting was organised, while the other two were arranged for a meeting within the week.


Ultimately three meetings were arranged. Of the three meetings, one did not show up, thus cancelling the meeting. The other two took place and were successful, resulting in both wanting to keep in contact with us around the progress of our project, particularly while we’re not in country between now and July. Both clinicians that we met with were responsive and enthusiastic about the information we gave them about the project.


Our experiment time frame of one (1) week was exceeded and as such it is clear that at the ‘respond to email’ step of the ladder the success criteria were not met with only 24% setting up a meeting.



Validated Learning:

The sample size for our experiment was quite small, with only fourteen Heads of Clinics being emailed to set up meetings (see further details here). This sample size may limit the amount which can be deduced from this experiment and may have an impact on the validity of results. However, as there are only 29 public health clinics in Blantyre, our sample size is a decent proportion of the population size.


Next Move:

The other 12 clinics that we didn’t have meetings with should be called and followed up with in order to meet with them and confirm that they want to continue communications with us.


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