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[Proposed Experiment]: SoCon Malawi: USSD data collection

We need to find a more efficient way of collecting customer information if we are to build a risk-model. Rather than collecting information from people after the sale has been made, we can either use automatic processes (USSD) or we must collect this information at Point Of Sale. 

Lean Phase: Channels

Assumption: USSD is a viable channel for collecting information

Time Period: 1 Month (March 2019) out of country.


% of responses to the survey. 

Success Metric:

Success Point: More than 60% of payment plan customers fill out the USSD survey in completeness. 

Green Light: Proceed to use this method to collect customer information in future sales

Orange Light Point: Between 10-60% of customers respond to the USSD survey in completeness.

Orange Light: Continue to pursue this channel, but i) introduce incentives to complete the survey such as payment, or ii) make filling out a survey a requirement to being creditworthy before a sale. 

Failure Point: Less than 10% of customers respond to the USSD survey

Red Light: Explore other channels of information collection. 


Experiment Build:

1) establish a set of clear questions (relating to customer information) and program them into a USSD code (done - Otto)

2) Using the project phone and mightytext remotely from Australia, invite current payment plan customers to fill out the survey. Until the fixes of the CRM are made, mighty text is our MVP platform. Refer to this SOP 

3) The results are hopefully to be used in modelling credit-worthiness. 


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Lucy Noble 5 months ago

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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Andrew Vild 5 months ago

As you've said, "or we must collect this information at Point Of Sale.". Can we add to our green light metric that from here on in, 100% of new customers complete all the required information at POS? This will ensure a hard, non-negotiable requirement for all future sales.

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