Project Everest

[Proposed Experiment] – Malawi Solar Feb 19 – USSD Pre-Community Meeting Information Experiment


Lean Phase: Customer Channels

Assumption: Community members can be better prepared for community meetings by being provided a USSD code beforehand to members which provides information about time, location and what to bring.  

Time Period: 3 community meetings

Success Metric

Ratio of hits on USSD code to the number of villagers that attend the community meeting.


Green Light – Continue giving USSD code to village chiefs before community meetings and investigate how to utilise the code most effectively.

Success Point – 40% ratio between hits and number of villagers attending community meeting. Minimum of 2 hits on USSD code.

Orange Light – Re-evaluate method of getting USSD code to villagers.

Failure Point – 0 hits on USSD code.

Red Light – Investigate other methods of informing villagers/communities pre community meetings.

Experiment Build:

  1. Code USSD menus that provide information about community meeting time, location and what to bring.

  2. Give USSD code to Watson to pass on to village chiefs when organising community meetings. Inform Watson how and why the code is being used so that he can pass on that information to the village chief to then pass on to villagers.

  3. Record the number of hits on USSD prior to community meeting.

  4. Record the number of villagers attending the community meeting.

  5. Calculate metrics

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