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[Feb 19] [Experiment Results] Understanding of pH (Solution) FarmEd Fiji I

Christopher Fahlbusch
Christopher Fahlbusch | 8 months ago | in FarmEd - Fiji

Experiment Design

Lean Phase:

Solution (Offer Testing)


Fijian farmers understand what pH is and why it is useful in regards to their farms and receiving tailored information.


Key Outcomes:

Out of 47 farmers interviewed about pH and its importance in growing crops, only 8% attained a score of over ¾.








% of farmers






As only 8% of farmers scored ¾ or above, this experiment meets the criteria for a red light.

A summary of the responses can be found here:


Having completed our survey with 47 farmers, there is a clear lack of knowledge when it comes to pH evident by the 55% scoring 0 out of 4. In most cases, the 1 and 2 scores out of 4 represent our ability to explain pH effectively, as most of these people answered the first question with a no. It was also up to the interviewers judgment to determine whether or not the yes was actually answering the question, or just agreement (an actual answer would usually be followed up by an explanation).

A total of 4 people, or 8%, were able to answer with a score of 3 or above, demonstrating a decent knowledge of pH, either having has pH explained well, or having prior knowledge from beforehand.

On top of this survey, 2 soil sensors were sold, supporting the idea that farmers would value this information and thus pH is important to know. One potential block for this is the price of each sensor being so high, and the trouble we’ve had downloading the application on phones making the soil sensor distribution irrelevant at this stage.


While we have found that the majority of people do not know about, or understand pH, it is still quite relevant to the application as pH makes the app more tailored to the user. Thus it may be worthwhile reworking the experiment/survey and pitch for pH to better enable the Fijians to learn about pH.

Collaborating with someone who teaches pH in Fiji, a teacher for instance, may allow us to better educate the population on pH when selling the app and soil sensor bundle.

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