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[Experiment Results] Sales of Application (Solution) - FarmEd I Feb 19

Experiment Design Post:

Lean Phase: Solution (Sales)

Assumption: Farmers are willing and able to  either buy the application or sign MoUs for future purchase


Key Outcomes: Pitched PEV and the FarmEd application to a total number of 63 farmers, resulting in 39 signed MOU’s, as well as 4 successful cash sales and downloads.

Conclusion: Approximately 61.9% of farmers are interested in purchasing the application. Regardless of unforseen difficulties with downloading the application, we were able sell 4 applications and 2 soil sensors to farmers. Currently, the application is in the early trial stages and still undergoing development. Whilst conducting this experiment, we found that not all phones are compatible with the application which limited us from achieving more cash sales and downloads.



The results validate the assumption that farmers are willing and are able to either buy the application or sign MoUs for future purchase.

Given difficulties faced with downloading the application. FarmEd I refocused their efforts to visiting new villages and collecting MoU’s.

Based on the conversion of MOUs signed to interactions/data points, it is clear that there is a great deal of interest in the application, and that the application solves the problem of not having access to tailored, instantaneous agricultural information.


If the issue of downloading the application is not resolved by July; the team should focus on pitching the application to farmers in new villages to generate sales for those with suitable android phones.

By July, development of the application should have progressed and issues regarding downloading the application resolved. The July team should proceed with revisiting villages visited by the December ‘18, January ‘19 and February 19’ and focus on selling the application to those who have previously signed MoUs.

Begin carrying out the case study experiment on application content satisfaction as well as usability for those who bought the application in February ‘19. If applications are sold within the first or second week of July ‘19 then the case study can be carried out on these farmers during the third and final week of project.

App Content Satisfaction

Application Usability

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