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[Experiment Results] Fuel Fiji: Retailers Systems (Revenue Streams) - - Feb 19

Reference the Experiment Design Post: Retailers Experiment Design


Lean Phase: Revenue Streams


Assumption: Retailer can order, purchase and collect the Buka Dragon as a part of our autonomous business model.



Orange Light


Number of MOUs signed by retailers:



Number of stoves purchased by retailers following 1 month trial



Percentage of retailers obtaining stoves to stock

Not tested autonomously


Validated Learning:

MOUs were secured with the two retailers:

  • Foodhall
  • B.L Naidu

This meant we did not meet the success point but exceeded the failure point. This was a partly due to knock on effect of the failure to obtain a contract for manufacturing the Buka Dragon. We believe Retailers can exist within our business model as a viable revenue stream but optimisation is necessary.


The results of this experiment did not match our hypothesis as we were unable to prove that the Buka Dragon could be ordered, purchased, or collected by retailers. Despite this, relationships with retail managers in Sigatoka are very good and this channel has potential to form a valid revenue stream.


Next Move:  

This experiment reached an orange light point because we only managed to get 2 MOUs signed for our new Buka Dragon Stove. Since our supply chain for this new product fell through our other metrics performed poorly.


Current Retailers stocking the Buka 4.0 are included in the February 2019 Project Summary file. These should all be checked in on and face to face relationships established with the new team and any invoices sent accordingly.


Should a manufacturer be secured in the future, another experiment may be warranted to retest retailers as a revenue stream.


One possible way to optimise the experiment could be focusing on finding new retailers since that was area we struggled with this month. A brief survey was conducted with retailers fiji wide, results are included Retailer Logistics Survey.


It should also be noted that the Facebook Messenger ChatBot is designed to direct customers to local retailers that currently stock the Buka 4.0. More exposure and promotion should be conducted to direct the demand for the Buka Stove into retailers.

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