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[Adopted Experiment]: Solution - B2C App Sales - FarmEd Timor-Leste July 2019

Jemima Crawford
Jemima Crawford | 11 months ago | in FarmEd - Timor-Leste


The purpose of this experiment is to test FarmEd’s UVP within its early adopter customer segment. It aims to do this through measuring the ratio of successful to unsuccessful sales made through pitching the FarmEd application to early adopter customers.  

Lean Phase: Solution (MVP)


FarmEd’s early adopter segment are willing to buy an MVP application to receive agricultural advice tailored around pests and diseases predominately. 

Early Adopter Criteria:

  • Customer owns a farm 
  • Customer owns a smartphone (or person in customers immediate family who lives on said farm owns a smartphone)
  • Customer is literate in Tetun
  • Customer can afford an upfront payment of minimum $3 USD (for 3 month subscription to the FarmEd application)
  • Customer is actively seeking assistance with pest and disease identification and management.

Time Box: 2 weeks

Success Metric:

Ratio of successful to unsuccessful sales will be the success metric. Successful sales will support the assumption that Timorese farmers are willing to buy an application to receive agricultural advice. 60 Sales pitches will be conducted.

Green Light- Proceed (User experience surveys, data collection and scaling)

Success point: 50% of the early adopter segment approached are successfully turned to sales (30 sales).

Orange Light- Optimise (analyse feedback and objections of unsuccessful sales, look into different sales channels, alter sales pitch)

Failure Point: If below 20% of the early adopter segment approached are converted into a sale (less than 12 sales).

Red Light-  Failure Protocol:

  • Conduct further utility and usability feature tests to gain insights and tailor app further to the customer segment.

Experiment build:


  • Create survey and sales pipeline, link here
  • Follow ‘7 steps of sales’ methodology to develop an effective sales pitch
  • Rehearse sales pitch
  • Rehearse demonstrating the app 
  • Practice downloading and setting up application on phones (follow this document)
  • Organise translators, ensure they are thoroughly across the service and value of what we are selling
  • Set up a sales tracker spreadsheet to record all details of successful sale customers
  • Write a survey of questions to ask unsuccessful sale customers
  • Organise to meet with members of the early adopter customer segment using either of the following approaches

Approach a)

  • Refer to the FarmEd map and Hubspot to set up meetings with previously contacted Sefi’s and Suco Leaders (the Man-Luana Sefi is already on board and his 2IC is trialing the app as a case study, it is highly recommended to start here)
    Contact Clementino (Hera's Sefi):
  • Refer to this document to make contact with unreached Sefi’s and community leaders, or utilise the networks of interns who work with FarmEd, everyone knows everyone in Timor.
  • Use interns to call up and organise a one-on-one meeting with Sefi/Suco leader
  • In meeting, pitch FarmEd and asks permission to work in the community. Should the meeting go well, the Sefi is likely get on board with the project and may even be an advocate for FarmEd.
  • This method  of sales is not only the culturally respectful approach, but would also be expected to significantly increase the success rate of sale conversions due to the influence of Sefi’s and Suco Leaders in their communities.
  • It is unknown what form of reach this approach will create - potentially it will look like community meetings or being shown to farms around said community by the Sefi.

Approach b)

  • Refer to FarmEd Map to find potential customers who have been contacted by FarmEd previously.
  • Use hubspot to call potential Sefis and organise a time/place to meet them (you will need a translator for this)


  • Ensure farmers you are speaking to fit the criteria of FarmEd’s early adopters (refer to this document)
  • Pitch application using demonstrations of both the app
  • If sale is successful, proceed to follow this document for appropriate sale transaction
  • If sale is unsuccessful, conduct prepared survey to gain feedback and insights on why it was unsuccessful


  • Update hubspot and FarmEd map
  • Enter all sales customers details into sales tracker
  • Analyse results
  • Follow success metric for actions on

Resources Required:

  • Survey for unsuccessful sales (either electronic or hard copy)
  • Link to app prepared to send to successful sales customers
  • Laptop to set up new farms on
  • Sales tracker spreadsheet
  • Translators
  • Receipt book
  • Instructional application pamphlets printed
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Fiona Aaron 8 months ago

Can you please update the Survey questions to be more suited towards pests and diseases? e.g. what pesticides are currently used? How do they decide what to use? do they ever consider non chemical solutions? How often do they identify pests and diseases etc. Once this is done experiment can be adopted

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