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Adopted Experiment

[ADOPTED EXPERIMENT]: Health Malawi - Currency Testing Part One - February 2019

Lean Phase: Unique Value Proposition

Time Box: February Project Weeks 3 - 4

Assumption: Testing customer success rate of moving through the Customer Pipeline.

Success Metric

Green light: Move on to part two of currency testing

Success point: 50% of customers pass from stage one of the Customer Pipeline through to stage 4.

Orange light: Find areas where customers are being lost and optimise Customer Pipeline stages in accordance with this.

Failure point: 30% or below

Red light: Review current Customer Pipeline plan and locate possible blocks to green light point. Potential restructure/re-evaluation of the Customer Pipeline.


Experiment Build:

The health team will be testing the rate of uptake in each stage in the first half of the Customer Pipeline as outlined below. There are two reasons for testing the Customer Pipeline in two stages. The first being we believe that the process to get to the final currency of usage will take longer than two weeks. The second reasons being that the February team only had the final two weeks of project to conduct currency testing. The final desired outcome of this experiment is to measure how many people convert from one stage of the Customer Pipeline to the next. By measuring the conversion rate for each step, those customers who fail to move onto the next phase can be isolated. The Customer Pipeline can then be optimised by analysing the customers’ reasons for drop off.


Customer Pipeline


Customer Engagement Plan




Theoretical Time Frame for PEV

Attend Meeting

Intermediate step


Percentage of people who attend and percentage of those wanting to set up a trial


Within a week after email (if no reply), follow up to arrange meeting

Respond to follow up email

Intermediate Step


Percentage of those who reply and agree to meet



Read follow up email sent by Project Everest - who we are, further explanation of health project and RP, agree to meet  

Intermediate step


Percentage of opens and clicks


Send email day of phone call

Answer phone call/reply to text message


Engagement + Personal Data

Call answer rate

percentage of interest i.e. gave email/% of message responses




  1. Receive text message or phone call

  2. Read follow up email

  3. Respond to email

  4. Meeting with Project Everest

Currency Goals

The team’s aim is to keep a maximum number of customers engaged (high conversion rate) between each step of the Customer Pipeline. The “Victory Currency” has been determined to be usage, which is the end goal for part two of the currency testing.


Methodology and data collection

Offer testing segment (Customer Pipeline stage 1)

Offer testing was first conducted in week one of January 2019 through text messages (see results) and is being repeated in week one of February 2019 via phone calls.


Intermediate Steps (Customer Pipeline stages 2-5)

  1. Email information to interested clinics (email attached).

  2. If no response within 5 business days, call the clinic to organise time for a meeting.

  3. At the meeting outline Project Everest, the end goal of the research protocol and where the triage system is headed and its big picture in order to further gauge interest. Give an introduction to what the basic system may look like through the Africa’s Talking Sandbox.


The conversion rate for each step of the Customer Pipeline will be collated into a spreadsheet for ease of use. When the data is set out this way, it will be clear to identify if and where the conversion rate on the Customer Pipeline ladder decreases noticeably. If this point exists, the team can re-evaluate this step, and if necessary, re-structure the Customer Pipeline.


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