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[PROPOSED CUSTOMER SEGMENT]: Health Malawi - DHO - February 2019

DHO Customer Segment


A District Health System (DHS) is a health system that operates at the level of a District. It considers the factors contributing to health in the district's environment. The organisation's aim, based on the principles of the Primary Health Care (PHC) approach, is to be equitable, efficient and effective. In Malawi, districts represent the lowest level, fully organised unit of government. Their populations vary widely, ranging from around 100,000 to over 1 million people. The DHS is organised within this context of well-defined populations living within a clearly delineated administrative and geographical area. DHS comprises 28 districts in Malawi and 27 district hospitals.



The District Health Office is a potential customer segment for the USSD product under development. The value proposition to the DHO is significantly different to that of the Clinics, in that it revolves primarily around data. The USSD system will:

  •  Reduce inefficiencies in regards to data input (Paper - DHIS2)
  • Reduce the likelihood of errors/loss of patient data
  • Create a more efficient collection - analysis - action loop


Our USSD system will allow symptoms and health data to be input directly into the DHIS2 database, facilitating time efficient collection, storage and analysis of data.


Goals and Focus:

The aim of conducting interviews with the data analysis department of the DHO is to gain an understanding of the challenges they face and, in essence, confirm the DHO as a customer segment for our product. These interviews will provide an opportunity to understand employees’ emotional responses towards potential issues that have been identified in discussions with Dr Gift. Within the interviews, as well as gauging the general interest, engagement and enthusiasm of each interviewee, the key information we need to understand is as follows:


  1. Their role and responsibilities.

  2. How they feel about their work and their emotions around the current system.

  3. What they see as their problems and any challenges they face - even if they don’t align with our predictions.

  4. How these problems make them feel - without making assumptions, get them to say this in their own words

  5. If they are currently searching for a solution or if they have previously

  6. If they have tried other solutions in the past or have a solution they currently implement - do these solutions work and what about them can be improved.


Intended Structure:

  • Contact Dr Gift (via email) to obtain contacts for relevant Data Analysis Personnel.
  • Contact said relevant members of the Data Analysis Dept. to set up meetings.
  • Hold a whole group introduction session with all Data Analysis members who will be having a meeting. This is to establish what the agenda of the meetings will be as well as provide a basic idea of who we are. (Should take no longer than 20 minutes)
  • Conduct individual meetings with the eight individuals from the data analysis team.
  • Write up meeting minutes and experiment results


For interview questions see the attached document.

For more detail please refer to the DHO Finding Early Adopters experiment:

Progress to date:

At this stage, contact has been established with Dr Gift via email who has responded with the contact details of relevant members within the Data Department of the District Health Office (DHO). Emails have been sent to these DHO members, however, there has been no response.


Future Direction:

Going forward with this offer test, the first action that should be enacted is to reach out to the relevant Data Department Personnel a second time in order to set up individual meetings.


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