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Proposed Experiment

[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Hidden Hunger Malawi - Analysing Accessibility to Food: Utility Testing - February 2019

Lean Phase: Solution

Assumption: That stakeholders and market stall owners around Blantyre and Limbe will provide similar information about food accessibility in Malawi. Food accessibility in this case refers to the price of different foods, seasonal availability of different foods and how to acquire them.

Time Box: July Weeks 2-3

Success Metric: Percentage of the information collected from both stakeholders and market stall owners correlate each other.


Green Light- Assumption is confirmed. Information collected can be used to improve content of the USTAWI application and make it more Malawi specific.

Success point- 60% of the information collected from stakeholders and market owners correlate.

Orange Light- Between 20% and 60% of the information correlates. In this case the experiment and pitch needs to be revised.   

Red Light- The experiment results contradict our assumption and the team should focus on a specific region depending on what is the most reliable source.

Failure Point- 20% or less of the information shared from both market owners and stakeholder correlate.

Experiment build:

  1. Contact major stakeholders to set up a meeting.

  2. Conduct the “Food Accessibility” survey attached. Use the USTAWI Application for support.

  3. Collect data on as many foods as possible throughout the meeting.

  4. Write up meeting minutes and complete actions on.

  5. Arrange time to visit markets around Malawi.

  6. Conduct “Food Accessibility” survey attached. Use the USTAWI Application for support.

  7. Collect data on as many foods as possible throughout the surveys.

  8. Victory.

  9. Compile data in CRM in data collection folder in the Hidden Hunger google drive; analyse and compare.

  10. Write up experiment results.


  • This experiment is not only collecting data to use in the USTAWI application, but is also seeking out sources that are trustworthy for future application content and feedback.

  • The information does not need to be identical, but there should be a clear relationship between the answers.

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