[Proposed Experiment]: Malawi SoCon: Methods for tracking loan customers

Lean Phase: Channel/Revenue

Assumption: Lending institutions (banks, MFI, Village banks) have ways of knowing exactly how to find their customers/members. Such methods may include geo-pinning, sketch maps and a dependence on village chiefs. 


Time Period: <1 week (July 2019)

Criteria: existence of a method for tracking location. 

Success Metric:

Success Point: all three types of lending institutions have methods of locating customers. 

Green Light: use these methods to synthesise a method that will suit us given our semi-rural customer segment.  

Orange Light:  Not all lending institutions have methods of locating customers. 

Orange Light: Use existing methods from other lending institutions to build a new method for us. 

Failure Point: None of the lending institutions have methods of locating customers. 

Red Light: Propose options for tracking location of new customers. 


Experiment Build:

1) Interview 2 banks, 2 Village Banks and 1 MFI to find out how these institutions track customers and on what factors they are reliant. This will involve clear meeting agendas. 

2) analyse results, and synthesise our own method for tracking our customers, with the resources we have (Geo pinning, Printed maps, village chiefs) 

3) Implement a similar system (get customer to describe and sketch out where they live with landmarks etc, use village chief) 

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