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[Experiment Results] – Malawi Solar FEB 19 – 2 stage community meetings

Lean Phase: Customer Channels

Assumption: Community meetings can be made into a more effective customer channel by having a two-stage community meeting program – an informational meeting and then sales focused meeting.



Throughout February, the solar team ran 3 two stage meetings in the Nancholi region. With two stage meetings, after the initial community meeting a follow up meeting was organised to cater for those who had not brought cash, or had not brought their national ID and guarantors details. All interested community members filled out an EOI in the initial meeting. In the initial meeting 9 EOI’s were recorded and 3 sales were made. At the follow up meeting an additional 3 sales were made therefore a 33.33% conversion rate. The following community meeting there was a large expression of Interest though none were recorded due to the layout of the meeting. Contact through watson was made prior the second meeting and he told PEV that 15 people were ready to purchase. At the follow up meeting there was 1 sale made.

The final meeting was the most successful community meeting this month with a total of 30 sales. At the first meeting 17 sales were made. At the second meeting there was a 100% purchase rate with all 13 people who turned up buying the product. Although these results were a great success the EOI's sent in from Watson suggested 121 people were interested in purchasing the product. Therefore this is an EOI conversion rate of 24.7%. 


As it stands, the current mode of communication between community members and PEV is through NAYO volunteers, Watson and village chiefs. All information PEV need potential customers to receive must all go through these contacts. Unfortunately lots of  necessary information is being lost before these meetings


Due to the inconsistencies in the meetings the experiment has been given an orange light.

Orange Light – Re-evaluate the two stage community meetings and refine the meeting and communication processes involved.

The initial meeting had an EOI of 33.33% , the second 2 stage meeting had less than a 1% conversion rate and the final meeting had a conversion rate of 24.7%

Validated Learning


From the experiment run in February it can not be said if community meetings are more effective when performed in two stages. Due to the lack of good communication between NAYO and PEV it made organising the second meeting hard and the information received by PEV was generally way overestimated or false.There is a need to determine a new form of communication between PEV and potential customers in Nancholi.

Through this experiment, Validation of the current communications needs to be analysed and changed to make these community meetings more effective. There is a potential for these community meetings to be highly effective in education and sales if PEV can create better communication paths. Watson and NAYO are still significant contributors to the project and the success it has had in Nancholi so it is very necessary to keep them close to the project. New methods of communication still involving Watson may be needed to ensure relationships are not strained.


Next move

This experiment should be continued in June/July to attempt to get clearer results while implementing the new USSD community meetings information pack.

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