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[Experiment Results] Middlemen (Channels) FarmEd Fiji February 2019

Experiment Design Post


Lean Phase: Channels


Assumption: Middlemen (with 75+ farmers) are willing to distribute the app



14 middlemen were spoken to regarding their willingness to distribute the application:


  • Three signed MoUs

    • One MoU indicating a willingness to distribute the application

    • Two MoUs indicating a willingness to advocate the application to their network of farmers

  • Three informal agreements to direct network of farmers to the Facebook page

  • Eight middlemen did not see the value in sharing the application with their network of farmers

43% of interactions with middlemen resulted in at least a bronze metric of an informal agreement which corresponds to a green light.


Validated Learning:

The results of the experiment supported the assumption that middlemen with 75+ farmers in their network are willing to distribute the application. While it does not appear that middlemen are willing to purchase the application on behalf of their farmers, it is plausible that middlemen will still be a useful distribution channel by raising awareness of the application within their networks.


While MoUs were signed, further testing will be required to validate whether middlemen will follow through with their promises and distribute the application as we currently do not have a platform for intangible distribution. The proposed middlemen experiment aims to evaluate the effectiveness of middlemen as a distribution channel - found here. Future thought could also be given to tracking the Facebook to chat to monitor the number of people directed to the page from a partnered middleman.


Middlemen who were met face to face interacted with our team much more effectively and we were able to build rapport more efficiently.  Building rapport was essential in having a positive introduction to the FarmEd application and pitching the value of the app to middlemen. Emails and phone calls were not an effective means of contact. Along with this, although there are middlemen with large networks of farmers, they may not be in regular contact with all of their network sometimes seeing a farmer a maximum of once a year, and this may pose a barrier to distribution.


Next Move:  

  • Find more middlemen by visiting different markets. The experiment tracker below indicates middlemen who were spoken too.

  • Develop relationships with middlemen who signed MoUs to see if they may be willing to distribute the app in partnership with PEV.

  • Measure the number of farmers directed to the Facebook page as a result of partnered middleman

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