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Adopted Experiment

[Adopted Experiment]: Fuel II Timor-Leste February-July 2019 - Retail Store (Vinod Patel) Distribution

Lean Phase:



Vinod Patel hardware (and other similar stores), are a viable distribution channel for the Seguru Stove.

Time Box:

4 months between February and July projects, but dependant on Vinod Patel and how long they are willing to display the stove.

Key Metrics:

Number of likes on the Facebook page

Number of online order forms complete

Number of physical order forms completed in store in conjunction with a deposit

Success Points

Green Light Proceed:

Vinod Patel is validated as a distribution channel due to a high level of interest displayed towards the prototype as well as engagement with the PEV stove online presence.

Pursue a partnership with Vinod Patel to regularly stock and sell stoves.

Success Point:

20 likes on the Facebook page per month

10 online order forms complete per month

2 physical order forms and deposits per month

Orange Light Optimise:

Empathise with customers to gather data on what impacts their ability to purchase stoves from Vinod Patel.

Empathise with Vinod Patel staff and management to gather feedback on their experiences engaging with consumers on the stove and discuss what needs to be improved.

Failure Point:

5 likes or below on the Facebook page per month

2 order forms or less complete per month

No physical order forms and deposits per month

Red Light Failure:

Re-evaluate considered options for distributors and retailers, conduct further primary and secondary research with new findings into other options. Look into other possible distribution channels.

Empathise with employees to understand customers as well as their understanding towards why the product failed to attract interest.

Experiment Build:

  1. Engage with Vinod Patel and place a prototype in their store, along with the prototype will be associated marketing materials such as brochures, business cards, banner/sign as well facebook.

  2. Train the staff on the product so they are familiar and able to promote it effectively. Also supply them with a manual explaining all the information about the stove.

  3. Track interactions with the Facebook page over the course of the experiment. Once per month get a photo of the physical order form for Vinod Patel via email.

  4. If necessary, pre-order stoves to be manufactured before arriving for July project.

  5. Empathise with staff of Vinod Patel and obtain any observations they had with the promotion.

  6. Fulfil orders and empathise with customers on how they found ordering the product through Vinod Patel or the Facebook page

 Vinod Patel are very keen to be involved and understood the nature of the PEV operations. The meeting minutes for this agreement can be found here:

The stove will be taken to the location on the final day of the February project, and the experiment will begin from here. The February team leader Thomas de Heus will be the primary point of contact for Vinod Patel over the next four months, via email.

NB: The metrics are educated estimations and will be reevaluated after the first month of this experiment and edited if necessary.

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