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[Proposed Experiment]: FarmEd Timor (Solution) Application Feature Utility Test July 2019

Jemima Crawford
Jemima Crawford | 11 months ago | in FarmEd - Timor-Leste


This experiment aims to test the perceived relevance of the FarmEd applications features with its early adopter customer segment. This experiment is to be conducted separately on each individual feature of the app (My Crops, My Calendar, Pests and Diseases, My Crop Growth).


Lean Phase:

Solution (MVP)



Farmers find the applications features both useful and relevant to their farm.


Time Box:

4 weeks


Success Metric:

% of survey responses that are deemed positive based on survey success matrix


Green Light - Proceed with feature X inclusion on the app


Success point: 60% of survey responses are deemed positive


Orange light - analyse feedback and use to optimise feature X and tailor to customers needs.


Failure Point: 80% of survey responses are deemed negative


Red Light- Failure Protocol: Remove feature X from app.


Experiment Build:


  • Arrange time and place to meet with farmers (community meeting is recommended)
  • Ensure farmers fit the criteria of early adopters (are literate, own a smartphone, own a farm, want to increase the quality/quantity of their crop yield)
  • Write a survey with estions for the farmer to complete after conducting usability test (regarding features useability and usefulness). Ensure this survey is not just yes/no questions (some sort of scaling would be useful)
  • Establish a success matrix for survey responses to measure them as positive, further iteration required or negative. This will be key in making the survey responses measurable and actionable.
  • Prepare translators and transport for farm visits
  • Download and set-up FarmEd app on a team members phone per experiment team
  • Prepare results spreadsheet


  • Establish one team member to speak with farmer while the other observes and takes notes on how they interact with app
  • Conduct usability test on feature
  • Conduct utility survey with farmer post interaction with feature


  • Enter all results into spreadsheet
  • Refer to survey success matrix to deem surveys as positive, further iteration required or negative
  • Analyse results
  • Follow success metrics for future actions


Resources required:

  • Phone with app downloaded
  • Usability survey (electronic or hard copy)
  • Notebook and pen
  • Battery packs for phones
  • Translators


Potential Problems/Blocks:

  • Farmers are not home
  • App is malfunctioning/glitchy
  • Translators not having adequate training on the app and FarmEd purpose
  • Farmers responses are influenced by external factors (eg. say yes attitude)



Conduct 30 utility tests (per feature)

We believe this is adequate data to understand the utility of the app amongst Timorese farmers.


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Rose Gooding 11 months ago

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