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[Experiment Results]: Fuel Timor-Leste February 2019 - Distribution Channel Results


Reassert Lean Phase:


Reassert Assumption:

There are at least two viable distribution channels for the stoves



The following distribution channels were investigated and found to be viable at this point in time. Four channels were found, resulting in a green light for the experiment:


Vinod Patel – Retail Store

Vinod Patel & Company Limited is considered Timor Leste’s leading supplier of Hardware and Building Materials located in central Dili. They have shown huge interest in stocking our stove having requested the purchase of two. Initially one will be used to promote in store. We are also planning to run an experiment in Vinod Patel to determine interest, see crowdicity experiment: LINK TO BE UPDATED

There was a meeting with Vinod Patel on the 21/02/2019, in this meeting Vinod Patel was confirmed to run the promotion during the gap between during February and July teams. During this period Vinod Patel has agreed to have a display in their store, take deposits for stoves, have a workshop with staff, a facebook promotion, to promote the stoves amongst the 250 farmers they work with as well as already making 1 sale to the Maritime Police.


D&N Movers - Door to door distribution

D&N Movers are a Freight Handling and Removalist company in Dili. They provide a door-to-door delivery service within Dili as well as transport to further districts throughout Timor-Leste. They work alongside TNT and have worked with Heineken. Their delivery system works by the acquirement of a signed receipt upon the arrival of the purchase, providing proof of arrival. This could work alongside direct payment for the stove upon delivery. We spoke to Conelio from D&N Movers and he was very interested in forming a partnership and was on board with social benefit. We have sent him details regarding the stove and received a $5 quote for delivery around Dili.


Organisasaun Haburas Moris - NGO’s

OHM is a local NGO who fosters sustainable development at a grassroots level in the rural district of Bobonaro in Timor-Leste. We have discussed with Rince, the founder, a potential partnership for the future. Rince has informed us that they wish to promote our product and utilise it in training programs and social business. They are running projects which tackles issues surrounding sustainable land-management and forest conservation and management. They have shown interest in purchasing an initial five stoves for demonstration purposes. They also expressed an interest in delivering stoves to Maliana.

This is one NGO that has shown a lot of interest, however there are others that may be viable as a channel.


Online - Facebook ordering

It became evident whilst discussing the retail of the stoves that for many the preferred retail option for the stove was online. Finding the stoves via a Facebook page was received with a very positive response. From this, we believe a possible initial distribution channel could include that of a Google Form/chatbot found on the Facebook page could be filled out with details of customers interested in a stove, which is then followed up by us.


Future Channels

These channels show a lot of promise but are not ready to be tested at this point in time.


Cooking Circles - Education based NGO

Cooking Circles is a small project about building networks between women through food, recipes and cooking. Cooking Circles has both a physical, on the ground element where stories and recipes are exchanged and women cook, meet and eat together. We got in contact with Heidi who runs Cooking Circles and she was very enthusiastic about our stove and the impact it could have on Timor-Leste, especially in regards to empowering women. Cooking Circle is a very informal organisation, only running whilst Heidi is in country. Heidi will be back in Timor-Leste in April and said she would be happy to allow us to come along to one of her events to present the stove and promote it and it’s health benefits.


Markets - Retail

We believe markets are a viable option for selling our stoves or using for promotional value. We interviewed locals at Comoro, Tabessi and Manleu. Markets would be easily accessible for locals and would gauge a lot of interest. However, attaining a stall at a market proved difficult. At the Taibessi markets we tried to get a permit for a stall to promote our stove but were rejected. This is still an avenue to investigate however was not able to be explored further at this point.

Validated Learning:

(Did your results match the hypothesis?)/(Or did they contradict your hypothesis?)

In this experiment we set out to establish if there were at least two viable distribution channels for the Fuguan Seguru stove, and this experiment validated this hypothesis as we found 4 had potential right now to be distribution channels for the stove, with a further 2 to consider in the future. This validation of our experimental hypothesis gives confidence to focus on these distribution channels and to begin further experimenting on these channels to confirm the assumptions laid out in this experiment.

(Was the result clear enough?)  

The results are clear from a big picture view of distribution channels of the stove, however it is still an assumption whether these channels operate effectively in reality, and will require individual experiments for each.

(Does this learning warrant a further post validating a component of the lean or BM Canvas?)

Before a further post validating a component of the lean canvas, this experiment warrants conducting more experiments and more posts that test the individual channels and asses in detail whether Vinod Patel, D&N, Cooking Circles, Organisasaun Haburas Moris and Online would be channels that are viable now and scalable into the future. Future posts would have to test how much interest that the channels are able to generate for the stove as well as their ability to successfully distribute the product.


Next Move:

As four channels were found to be viable we can then move on to the green light proceed, which is to carry out individual experiments for the testing of each distribution channel in the real world. We have already begun testing with the individual channels with experiments written up for Vinod Patel to test over the February-July break, as well as several more for July.

Below is a link to the Vinod Patel Experiment, also mentioned above.


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