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[Experiment Results] Businesses and Organisations (Channels) FarmEd Fiji February 2019

Experiment Design Post


Lean Phase: Channels


Assumption: Businesses and organisations are willing to distribute the FarmEd application



  • 2/8 (25%) of organisations (NGOs, government bodies and universities) that responded to emails and/or calls were willing to partner with PEV to establish a distribution channel. Four of the organisations contacted did not respond to our email or return a call.
  • This result falls below the failure point, indicating that socially minded organisations have proven an unsuccessful channel.
  • 2/21 (10.5%) of resorts and exports that opened emails and/or calls were willing to partner with PEV with a willingness to distribute the application. Of the 21 resorts and exporters that were contact, 13 of those ignored the initial contact completely.
  • This result falls into the orange light range, meaning this channel has not been validated.
  • Overall, a total of 4/29 (7.25%) of businesses and organisations were willing to distribute the application. 


Validated Learning:

The results from interactions with resorts and organisations did not correspond with the assumption that they would be willing to distribute the application.  However, many important relationships were formed such as the Fijian National University, Partners in community development Fiji, Radisson Blu Resort and the Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort. Each of these stakeholders are valuable to scalability of the FarmEd application and due to the reach of each channel should be continued to be explored. Partnerships with these organisations can lead to a competitive advantage over other applications in the future and therefore should be maintained.


Next Move:  

Although the Orange Light range was reached for the financially invested organisations, many of the resorts within reasonable reach from the base in Sigatoka have been contacted throughout December 2018, as well as January and February 2019. Because of this it is recommended to maintain established contacts with positive outcomes that have been identified, by moving away from resorts and organisations and focusing on new channels such as community facilitators, found here:


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