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[Experiment Results] Facebook (Channels) FarmEd Fiji February 2019

Experiment Design Post:


Lean Phase: Channels


Assumption: Farmers are willing to interact with FarmEd through Facebook



52 likes were obtained on the page over 3 weeks.


FarmEd posted a total of 10 times, including 5 tutorial videos on how the app’s features work.


These results are an orange light, which indicate that facebook could be effective for long-term channel for engagement.

Validated Learning:

The results support the assumption that farmers are willing to interact through the facebook page.


Using an alias profile ‘Ed Farm’ we shared the posts to farming forums and Buy And Sell groups. A barrier met was that ‘Ed’ was blocked from sharing posts because of suspicious spam activity.


Despite this restriction Farm Ed Fiji obtained 52 likes and 3 individuals messaged us. It was also observed that users would interact with the posts in the form of likes and shares. Of the messages, 2 were farmers that were interested in learning more about the application, and another was from a Nadi local congratulating us on our great product.


These engagements validate that they are willing to engage through the page. However, the effectiveness of this contact needs further investigation. This is because, although the farmers were interested, neither of these private messages resulted in a sale. This was due to loss of engagement throughout the online conversation.

Next Move:  

This Facebook channel experiment should can be found here:


Awareness online should be carried on by sharing the page in groups, promoting contact via messaging, and by referring stakeholders and customers to like and engage with the page.

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