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[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Health Malawi - Early Adopters DHO - July 2019

Isaac Crawford
Isaac Crawford | 7 months ago | in Health Consulting - Malawi

Lean Phase: Customer Segment

Assumption: People within the DHO are actively seeking to improve data collection and analysis efficiency.

Time Period: Weeks 1 - 2 July

Metric: Percentage of people who engage in their interview and express they have tried to find solutions in the past.



Green Light: Proceed with currency testing with the DHO as they have been identified as early adopters.

Success point: 50% of the people in the data analysis team (within the DHO) that we interview, communicate that they have previously searched for any form of solution. Orange Light: Use the information collected during these interviews to modify the offer test, reframe the assumption and reassess metrics.

Failure Point: 25% or less, communicate that they have previously searched for a solution in any form.

Red Light: Use the information collected during these interviews to reassess the assumption and remodel the offer test to better engage DHO members. Execute the offer test again in a different form.


Experiment build:

Meetings with eight individuals from the data analysis team (within the DHO) will be conducted. The purpose of these meetings are to gain an understanding of the problems which DHO personnel face to do with data collection, and confirm that they are a new customer segment for our product. These meetings will provide an opportunity to discern individuals feelings towards the issues they face within their roles working on data collection and analysis.


The meetings will take on an interview form. The questions can be found attached to this post.

The main desired outcomes from these meetings are as follows:

  1. Their role and responsibilities to do with the DHIS and HMIS systems.

  2. How they feel about their work and their emotions around the current system.

  3. What they see as their problems and any challenges they face.

  4. How these problems make them feel - without making assumptions, get them to say this in their own words.

  5. If they are currently searching for a solution or if they have previously.

  6. If they have tried other solutions in the past or have a solution they currently implement - do these solutions work and what about them can be improved.


At this stage, contact has been established with Dr Gift via email who has responded with the contact details of relevant members within the Data Department of the District Health Office (DHO). Emails have been sent to these DHO members, however, there has been no response.


Going forward with this offer test, the first action that should be enacted is to reach out to the relevant Data Department Personnel a second time in order to set up individual meetings.


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