Project Everest

Adopted Experiment

FarmEd Fiji Facebook (Channels) -July 19

Lean Phase: Channels


Assumption: The application can be sold through Facebook.


Time Box: 3 weeks


Key Metrics:

Number of sales


Success Point: 5


Green Light:

Proceed with Facebook as a distribution channel. Consider ways to make this a more autonomous channel, e.g. chatbot, etc.


Orange Light Range:



Orange Light:

Consider ways to give the Facebook page more reach in order to have a large enough target audience who may be interested in buying the application (lots of people who currently like the page are uni students, middlemen, etc. who we interacted with in Feb).

Consider paying to boost the page to a wider audience.


Failure Point:



Red Light:

Reconsider Facebook as a viable distribution channel, and investigate other means of distribution such as Vodafone.


Experiment Build:

The purpose of this experiment is to test whether Facebook is a viable sales channel.


Goals: Three posts about the application to a variety of buy and sell pages. Priority should be given to sharing on farming pages. It is also recommend you post late afternoon to get maximum reach,


Previous posts and pages used can be viewed here.



  • Write posts that engage potential customers through indirectly prompting them to enquire about the application online, for example: “Message us for payment details”, or “Now selling for just $1 per month.”

  • Decide on a standard procedure which can be used to sell the application through Facebook. These two documents give an outline of how sales are currently made: App Sales/Installation Instructions and Standard Operating Procedure: Middlemen.



  • Share posts into pages once a week

  • It is recommended to schedule posts to maintain a presence online



  • Record any feedback received to further develop the application

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