Project Everest

Adopted Experiment

FarmEd Fiji Distribution: Community Facilitators - July 2019

Lean Phase: Channels


Assumption: There are local community members who are willing and able to advocate the application within villages.


Time Box: 3 weeks


Key Metrics:

Percentage of villages visited which contain a viable Community Facilitator*.


*A Community Facilitator (CF) is an individual who is proficient in technology use, eager to learn, and is able to motivate members of the community in the best interest of the village. A CF’s ultimate goal should be to communicate the benefits of the app to their village’s network of farmers and educate them on its features and relevance. At this stage we are not interested in observing CFs’ ability to carry out the sales process and collect payment, but rather their ability to accurately convey information and generate interest in the application. This approach has been modeled from the PCDF structure, discussed with Tevita Ravumaidama. For the purpose of this experiment, a viable CF is defined as a community member who successfully leads to the outcome of at least one sale.


Success Point:

40% of villages visited contain at least one (1) CF


Green Light:

We have established a preliminary base of CFs who are able to raise awareness and generate interest in the application. Contact with these CFs should be maintained and continuous feedback should be gathered in order to optimise the smooth relay of information between PEV and CFs. Community facilitators appear to be a viable channel, and more villages should be explored to further develop CF relationships. If the Middleman Distribution SOP proves successful in the interim period, consider progressing to testing CFs as a distribution channel using a similar SOP. This would involve conducting an additional experiment evaluating effectiveness of CFs by measuring their number of sales with respect to their reach within local and neighbouring communities.


Orange Light Range:



Orange Light:

Assess success and failure factors of the current CF model. CFs may be a viable channel if certain processes are optimised. Consider revising the training provided to CFs at initial contact, providing additional resources (such as FAQ handouts) or improving follow-up contact to ensure that CFs are still able to speak to their village about the application.

Failure Point:



Red Light:

Community facilitators are not a viable channel. Evaluate reasons for failure (CF’s level of skills, cultural norms, lack of interest from village, etc). Use these learnings to guide selection of future distribution channels.


Experiment Build:

Goal: 15 villages



  • Identify villages to investigate (new villages are preferable).
  • Arrange visit by speaking to the village headman. This should be done within the first few days of project to ensure this experiment can be completed within time box
  • Ensure Trekkers are properly briefed on cultural customs (including bringing waka to the chief, dressing in sulus, and understanding cultural bias).
  • Create and print handout outlining the application’s features.
  • Download the application on a phone that will be brought to the village to be used for demonstration purposes..



  • Establish rapport with the headman.
  • The following questions are to be asked, and data recorded to be able to produce significant metrics:
  • Ask about size of the village, how many farmers operate in the area, if they are commercial or subsistence farmers.
  • Ask if there are individuals in the village who have agricultural education, have had greater exposure to technology, have travelled overseas, or are especially good at English.
  • Arrange meeting with this person - ask if they:
  • Have access to an Android phone
  • Understand the significance and value of the app. If not, clearly explain the value for farmers and for the village as a whole.
  • Are interested in getting experience in modern agricultural technology and advancing their own farming practices
  • Have close relationships with farmers in the village
  • Would be willing to promote the application within their village and make sales.  
  • If willing, install the application on their phone and demonstrate how to use. Provide them with handout containing FAQs as well as any other necessary resources to act as CFs.
  • Collect contact details and arrange for follow up meeting 1-2 weeks later.



  • Continue to stay in contact with CFs via phone or other preferred means of contact.
  • Revisit village and meet with CF to find out:
  • How many people did they speak to
  • What features did they find most useful
  • Did the farmers have any questions about the application
  • How many farmers are willing to purchase the application
  • Whilst on second village visit sell and distribute the application to all farmers identified by the CF.
  • Organise feedback
  • While revisiting the village: observe how much the farmers already know about the app. This will help FarmEd identify how well the CF was able to advocate the app, and represent FarmEd. These observations can be used to assess how valid this channel is, or how well the CF was briefed on the application.
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