Project Everest

Adopted Experiment

FarmEd Fiji Middleman (Channels) - July 2019

Lean Phase: Channels


Assumption: Individuals external to PEV can make sales on behalf of PEV


Time Box: 2 weeks (1st week of July)


Key Metrics: Number of sales made by the external representative, Kamlesh Prasad.


Success Point:

>20  sales


Green Light:

Proceed with middlemen as a distribution channel. Identify more individuals with a large network of farmers that are willing to distribute the application.


Orange Light Range:

5-20 sales


Orange Light:

Investigate ways to further educate middlemen on how to sell the application, provide additional resources and explore a commission-based structure (or some sort of payment for their services). Consider ways to simplify the sales and distribution process to make it easier for the distributor.


Failure Point:

≤ 4


Red Light:

This Middleman may not be an autonomous and scalable channel. Retest with 1-2 other middlemen to see if the issue is with the individual or the channel.

Pass on feedback from Kamlesh to app development team. Pass on any connections/farmers details to FarmEd I team for sales.


Experiment Build:

The purpose of this experiment is to test whether Kamlesh is a viable distribution channel.



  • Review Kamlesh Prasad’s hubspot and the Standard Operating Procedure he is using to make sales and distribute the application

  • Create a survey to assess how Kamlesh found the partnership with PEV. Obtain feedback on how future partnerships could be improved based on his experience.

  • Anticipate reasons the experiment may have failed and consider potential solutions


During encounter:

  • Build rapport

  • Complete survey


Post encounter:

  • Send follow up email thanking Kamlesh

  • Consider ways this partnership should change into the future, e.g. is M-Paisa still a viable way of collecting payment, are google forms a viable way of recording farmers’ personal information

  • Record any feedback received to further develop the application

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