Energy Infrastructure Assessment- India


Assessing current infrastructure and designing a smart solar solution to energy provision in the State of Odisha.
Vision: Odisha the leader in green energy

Bhubaneswar aims to be the Green City of India. It was the first choice of the Ministry of Urban Development’s (MoUD) flagship Smart City project. A year later, it featured in the top 20 global cities of the world in the Global Smart City Performance Index 2017, according to a survey by UK-based Juniper Research. Whilst Bhubaneswar is performing well across multiple areas there are also inherent weaknesses in the cities infrastructure, culminating in the city failing to perform in follow-up Smart City assessments and it experiencing negative publicity in handling climate effects in 2018.
There is an inherent need to overhaul their existing energy infrastructure. The government is aware of this and has committed funds to allocate towards private sector organisations with innovative means to increase solar energy in the city and the greater state of Odisha.

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Problem India is competing with China for one of the fastest growing populations and economies in the world. The challenge a developing economy faces when it adopts developed world technologies (such as vehicles, electricity etc), is the sustainability and regulation of the use of the resources associated. India’s carbon footprint makes up 7% of all greenhouse gases, due to sheer number of people and lack of consistent regulation of non-renewable resource use. SOCIAL OPPORTUNITY...

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